Jul 7, 2010

Dr. Frank Machovec: July 15th 2010

Please join us for our next meeting which will be held on Thursday, July 15th, at the Summit Club. The meeting will start promptly at noon. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Frank Machovec, from Wofford’s Department of Economics, and his topic will be:

An Updated Appraisal of Schumpeter's 1942 Forecast of Capitalism's Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts

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About Dr. Machovec’s topic:

Joseph Schumpeter, champion of the entrepreneur and longtime professor of economics at Harvard, in 1942 predicted that capitalism's demise would be the product of the undermining effects of the incentive-destroying termites bred by welfare-state policies whose collective goal is not merely to provide a general increase in opportunity through a minimum level of social insurance and impartial treatment under the law, but rather, equal opportunity by repealing, via compensatory schemes, all of life's random sources of 'unfairness', thereby radically broadening the classical notion of justice to include that which is otherwise unattainable without a divine rescripting of human existence….