Jun 30, 2009

August 2009: Alexei Marcoux

Our next meeting will be on August 5, 2009. Our speaker will be business ethicist Alexei Marcoux of Loyola University (Chicago).

Jun 22, 2009

Meeting June 2009: Promoting Prosperity

Our June speaker will be Jo Kwong of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Her topic will be:

"Promoting Prosperity Around the World – Is There a Recipe for Success?"

Why are some nations rich, while others seem trapped forever in poverty? Many authors and great thinkers have tackled this subject, offering a fascinating variety of explanations. One small non-profit organization called the Atlas Economic Research Foundation believes it has something to contribute to this debate.

Atlas believes that economic freedom sows the seeds for prosperity. When people are free to develop and act on innovative ideas, entrepreneurship develops and wealth is created. Institutions that unleash human action, creativity, and ingenuity offer the best hope to lead millions out of poverty. Join us to hear how Atlas is actively working to promote economic freedom around the world, and why it sees this freedom as vital to human flourishing. Unless you travel the globe regularly, you are likely to leave feeling grateful for the many freedoms Americans take for granted on a daily basis. Come hear how people are working in countries around the world to fight for the freedom to work, produce, consume and invest the fruits of their labor.

Jo Kwong is the Vice President of Institute Relations at the Atlas Economic Research Foundation in Washington, DC.

Members and their guests may RSVP by clicking here.